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Barcelona is surrounded by a lot of beautiful places.

Have a look at our private tours out of the city

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from 130 €
Besalu catalunya
(30 reviews) 10 hs Day Trip tours

Private Full Day Trip to Medieval Villages of Catalonia + Lunch in a Farmhouse

  • Enjoy this daytrip, ideal for getting out of Barcelona!
  • Discover the most incredible villages of the medieval Catalonia: Rupit, Besalu & Girona.
  • Deep into the medieval world. Lose yourself in its streets, its bridges, imagine its life 1000 years ago. Learn all about its history with your private guide
  • Relax in an incredible country house of the 14th century. Have a typical Catalan lunch & local wine enjoying the views of the valley around Girona.
  • Enjoy the trip with the incredible landscapes of Catalonia and with the best company.
  • Your local guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel by car. You cant miss it!!
from 137 €
Visita Leopardi 2
(136 reviews) 9 hs Day Trip tours

PRIVATE DAY TRIP: Montserrat, Lunch, Wine & Cava Taste in an Ancient Vineyard!!!

  • Enjoy a day out of town in the mountains
  • Visit the medieval monastery and the black Madonna
  • Discover a great viewpoint in a short hike
  • Visit a local farmer’s market and try its cheese
  • Discover the Penedes, the Catalonian wine & cava region
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant of el Penedes.
  • Visit an exclusive familiar winery and its beautiful landscapes
  • A wine expert guide will show you its cellars.
  • Taste of 2 reserva sparkling wines and one 5 year old reserva sparkling wine.
  • Iberic ham and cured cheese accompanying the wine
  • Pick up & drop off by to your hotel by car included
from 56 €
Montserrat tour
(170 reviews) 6 hs Day Trip tours

Private Tour to Montserrat by Train, Cable car and Meal !

  • Enjoy a day out of town in the mountains
  • Visit the medieval monastery and the black Madonna
  • Tickets for train and cog train are included
  • Discover a great viewpoint in a short hike
  • A sandwich & water are included per person
  • Visit a local farmer's market and try its cheeses
  • Family Friendly, playground and ice cream for them